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Open Pennant – Round 2 Results

Tuross Head Bowling Club found the going challenging in the second round of the Open Gender State Pennant.  The Grade 5 side hosted the very strong Malua Bay Grade 4 side while the Grade 7 side travelled to play the Tomakin Grade 6 side.

Rose Farrington, Sue Fahey, Peter Macdonald and Bruce Lidbury started slowly in their match and were down 10 – 0 after four ends in what proved to be a roller coaster of a game!  By the 12th end Tuross had given themselves a chance when they cut the deficit to 14 – 11. Malua Bay eased further ahead to 18 – 12 after 16 ends.  Two good ends from the Tuross players narrowed the score to 18 – 17.  The 20th  end proved to be crucial with Tuross picking up 5 shots to grab the lead for the first time in the game at 22 – 19.  They restricted Malua Bay to one shot on the last end to secure a 22 – 20 victory.

Geoff Lee, Bruce Magilton, Marcel Kors and Denise Lidbury had a very close tussle on their rink.  After 11 ends Malua Bay led 12 – 10 before Tuross took the lead – 14 to 13 – after scoring 4 shots on the 13th end.  Malua Bay won the next three ends to regain the lead at 20 – 14.  It was then Tuross’s turn to dominate.  They won three ends in a row to see them only 1 shot behind at 20 – 19 with two ends to play.  Malua Bay won two very tightly contested ends to take the game 22 – 19.

Doreen Monks, Noel Downie , Irene Macdonald and John Monks started very well on their rink to lead 8 – 0 after 4 ends.  Unfortunately, they only managed to win three more ends as the Malua Bay players dominated the game.  They finished with an imposing victory 28 – 11.

Malua Bay won the contest 70 shots to 52.  The one rink win to Tuross resulted in the final result being 9 – 1 in favour of the visitors.

The Grade 7 side had a close battle with Tomakin with the final result 53 shots to 48 to Tomakin.  Peter Christie, John Wagstaff, Rob Payne and Allan Etheredge set up a 10 – 1 lead after 5 ends and, despite a mid-game fightback from Tomakin, managed to stay in front for the entire game.  After 13 ends the game was very close at 11 – 10 in favour of Tuross.  With Rob Payne leading the way the side won 6 of the last 8 ends to run out 21 – 13 winners.

Marg Downey, Dagmar Voges, Graham Garner and Ray Downey had the better of a very tight start to their game.  After 10 ends Tuross had a 9 – 3 advantage.  The game then changed when Tomakin altered their tactics and started to play longer ends.  The conditions challenged the Tuross players and they conceded 10 shots over the next 4 ends to slip behind 13 – 9 after 14 ends.  Tuross hit back to narrow the gap to 14 – 13 after 18 ends.  However, Tomakin held their nerve to record a 17 – 15 win.


After a close start Des Jackson, Lorraine Wake, Alan McLeod and Lorraine Bird were behind 5 – 6 after 7 ends. Then, in a game dominated by the Tomakin Skip, the locals pushed on to a very good 23 – 12 win.  This proved to be the difference between the two sides enabling Tomakin record the overall win 53 – 48.  They scored a 9 points to 1 victory.

Next week the Grade 5 are away to Narooma’s Grade 5 while the Grade 7 side has the trip ‘up the hill’ to play the Braidwood Grade 6 side.

2023/24 Open Pennant Season Underway

The 2023/24 Open Pennant season has started with Tuross Head Bowling Club having two sides in the state-wide competition that starts with local clubs playing against one another to determine who advances to Zone and State finals.  Tuross has entered a Grade 5 and a Grade 7 side.  Due to the fall in the number of teams nominated both Grades will be playing in combined grade competitions.  The Grade 5 is playing in a combined 3/4/5 competition while the Grade 7 is in a combined 6/7 event.

In these combined competitions the teams in the higher grade must finish in front of the lower graded teams if they are to progress to the next level of the competition.

The competition started last Saturday, February 10,  with the Grade 5 side travelling to Tomakin to do battle with their Grade 4 side.  Unfortunately, the weather was unkind and the match was played in annoying drizzly rain.  Despite this the full allotment of 63 ends were played with Tomakin recording a convincing 67 to 38 shot win!

The Tuross team of Doreen Monks, Noel Downie, Irene Macdonald and John Monks had a very close game. The Tuross team started well and in a very tight battle they held a 10 – 5 lead after 12 ends.  Tomakin had a couple of very productive ends that saw them take the lead for the first time in the game at 16 – 13 after 18 ends.  Tuross won the next two ends to see the sides at 16 all with one end to play.  Tomakin was able to secure a 19 – 16 win by scoring 3 shots on the last end!  The Tuross team had won 13 of the 21 ends but they allowed their opponents to record 2 ends of 4 shots and another 2 ends with 3 shots that proved the difference.

The other two games in the contest were dominated by the Tomakin teams.  In both they established early leads and were able to hold of the attempts from the Tuross teams to make an impact in the games.  By winning all three rinks Tomakin were awarded a ten points to nil victory!

The next round is scheduled for Saturday February 24 with the Tuross Grade 5 side hosting Malua Bay 4.  The Tuross Grade 7 side travel to Tomakin to play their first game of the year against their Grade 6 side.  Tuross Grade 7 had a bye in round 1.

Geoff Lee Takes out Minor Singles Championship

The Tuross Head Men’s Bowling Club’s Minor Singles Championship has been finalised following a keenly contested final series.  This event is for the newer and less experienced players who have as yet not won a singles championship.

Bruce Magilton played Warren Hodder in the first quarter final.  The game was very competitive for the first 16 ends with Magilton just ahead at 13 – 11.  At this stage Magilton was able to take control of the game.  He won the next 7 ends to run out a comfortable 25 – 11 winner.

Jonathan Green played Chris Coddington and had a great start jumping to a 5 – 0 lead after just 2 ends. Coddington gradually bridged the gap and by the 12th end he was behind 9 – 12.  Green then took charge.  He won 7 of the next 8 ends to take the match 25 – 10.

Two of the newest members had a great battle when Phil Welsh took on Mark Velder.  Welsh had a dream start to his competitive bowling career when he established a 13 – 0 lead after 6 ends.  Velder then started to pick up his game .  After 11 ends Welsh led 15 – 7 but he had another spurt in scoring to extend his lead to 22 – 7.

It was then Velder’s turn to dominate play.  By the 22nd end he was right back in the game with Welsh only 2 shots ahead at 23 – 21.  It was remarkable recovery by Velder but he could not maintain the push.  On the next end Welsh closed out an exciting win 26 – 21.

Geoff Lee – 2023/24 Minor Singles Champion

Geoff Lee and Steve Affleck played the last quarter final.  The game was very even for the first 7 ends with Lee just ahead 9 – 7.  However, the critical element in the game was established in these ends – Lee was able to pick up big multiples in the ends he won including two scores of 4 shots.  This was the pattern for the game.  After 17 ends Lee was ahead 17 – 12 but Affleck had won more ends – 9 to Lee’s 8!  Lee’s consistency, however won the day.  He picked up 8 shots on the next 3 ends to win 25 – 12.

The first semi-final between Welsh and Magilton proved to be the game of the finals.  The game was competitive from the start with the players locked at 8 all after 8 ends and 15 all after 16 ends!  Welsh was the first to make a move when he won 5 of the next 6 ends to push ahead 22 – 16.  Magilton then showed his experience with a determined fightback  that saw him win 6 ends in a row to take the lead and move within one shot of victory at 24 – 22.

Welsh stopped the run and set up a final end shoot out when he picked up 2 shots to draw level at 24 all. Magilton had the better of the last end and looked the likely winner when he held two shots but, with his last bowl, Welsh managed to draw between the two bowls to snatch the shot needed for victory.  A disappointed Magilton could not match this bowl and bowed out of the competition.

Phil Welsh – 2023/24 Minor Singles Runner Up

The second semi-final also promised to be a great game with two in-form players – Jonathan Green and Geoff Lee – meeting.  The game was tight early with Lee leading 6 – 4 after 7 ends.  Lee made the first significant move winning the next 3 ends to set up a 13 – 4 advantage.  Green steadied and reduced the lead winning his share of ends but it wasn’t until the 18th end that he managed to pick up a big score of 3 shots to narrow the margin to 17 – 12

Lee’s consistency came to the fore at this stage and he dominated the final ends to record an excellent win 25 – 13.

Lee and Welsh met in the final and it was clear from the start that both players were understandably affected by the nerves of playing in their first final.  Welsh was able to strike first and won the first couple of ends but Lee quickly settled down and demonstrated both his skill and experience in taking control of the game.  After 7 ends he lead 10 – 3 and never lost control of the game.

Lee adapted to the conditions of the day and the green to dominate play.  To his credit Welsh fought hard and on most ends restricted Lee to single shots.  It was the pressure that Lee exerted by always having bowls in the head that made it hard for Welsh.  The final score of 25 – 5 did not reflect how well Welsh played but it was a reward for Lee’s great draw bowling and consistency.  Lee richly deserved the victory!  Congratulations to both players.  A big thank you to all the other Club members who assisted by marking the games!


Lakeside Triples a Great Success for Tuross Bowls

The 2023 Lakeside Triples held at Tuross Head Bowling Club proved to be a great success with 26 teams competing for $4,000 in prize money.  Teams travelled from far and wide to take part in the event.  There were sides from Wollongong, Parkes, Crookwell, Canberra, Queanbeyan, Merimbula, Ulladulla as well as most of the nearby clubs

The organisers would like to acknowledge the on-going sponsorship from Luxaflex/Platinum Blinds that makes it possible for events like this to be held. The whole Tuross Head community benefits from having the visitors in the village!

The teams played six games of 14 ends of two bowls triples over Saturday and Sunday.  While the greens were in excellent condition, thanks to the great work of the Club’s greens staff, players found the strong and gusty winds a real challenge.  The winds were very difficult on Saturday but eased off considerably on Sunday.

Winners of the Lakeside Triples – Greg, Helena and Brett Megee

After the six games only two sides managed to remain undefeated!  Teams from Tomakin and Malua Bay were successful in winning all six games and were rewarded with the bulk of the prize money.  The winners were a family team from Tomakin – Helena, Greg and Brett Megee.  They had a vey successful weekend chalking up 6 wins and a margin of 69 shots.

Second place went to Darren White, Jason Hossack and Shane Quinlivan

Darren White and Shane Quinlivan from Malua Bay teamed with Jason Hossack of Bodalla to be the only other six game winners.  They had a margin of 53 shots and were rewarded with a handy sum for coming second.

Mark Sommerville, Chris Godwin and Mike Frame came third

Two teams won 5 games.  The Ulladulla side of Mark Somerville, Mike Frame and Chris Godwin won the third place prize money with 5 wins and a 30 shot margin.  Marshall Sanderson, Geoff May and Ben Hof from Merimbula came fourth with 5 wins and plus 17 shots.

Fifth place was very close with Merimbula’s Chris and Charlie Grebert joining Queanbeyan’s Rob Craven sneaking into the last prize winning place by a single shot!  They won 4 games with a margin of 35 shots holding of a Canberra side who managed 4 wins and plus 34!!

The non-prize winners who had the best margin on the last game of each day also shared in the money. Malua Bay’s Peter Harris, Peter Jeffs and Peter Keatly had the best last game on Saturday.  On Sunday the prize was taken by Jack Boon, Don Angel and Boris Schneider.

Congratulations to all the prize winners!

A big thanks to all of the staff at Club Tuross for their hard work and assistance.  Congratulations to the organisers lead by Marcel Kors and Andrew Farrington who put in a lot of work over a few months to make sure everything ran smoothly.


2023/24 Open Fours Championship Decided

The 2023/24 Open Fours Championship at Tuross Head Bowling Club has been finalised after the playing of the semi-finals and final.  It was interested to note that the finalists had equal number of female and male players.

In one semi final Chris Coddington, Rose Farrington, Carol Williams and Marcel Kors played Mick Challice, Di Challice, Margaret Downey and Ray Downey.  Kors’ side had a great start based on some excellent bowls from Farrington and Williams and after 8 ends had good 13 – 4 lead.  Downey slowly worked away at the deficit as the game became very tight.

With three ends to play Kors’ lead had been reduced to 20 – 16  with the result in the balance.  However, over the last three ends Williams and Farrington again played the key bowls to give their side the advantage.  In the end they advance to the final with a 23 – 17 victory.

In the other semi – final Peter Macdonald, Bruce Lidbury, Irene Macdonald and Denise Lidbury had a great struggle against Rita Downie, Doreen Monks, Allan Etheredge and Noel Downie.  Downie had the better of the first half of the game and had set up a 10 – 4 advantage after 13 ends.

Returning to the green after a period out with injury, Bruce Lidbury (playing second!) then inspired a remarkable change  in the game.  The Lidbury side picked up 10 shots over three ends including a crucial 6 shots on the 15th end that gave them the lead 14 – 10!

The remaining five ends were very close with the sides sharing the spoils. The damage had been done and Downie was unable to close the gap.  Lidbury’s side progressed to the final winning 19 – 13!

2023/24 Open Fours Champions – Marcel Kors, Carol Williams, Rose Farrington and Chris Coddington

The final was played in very trying conditions with the strong, gusty winds making it very difficult for all players!  Despite this the final was a very closely fought battle with all of the players contributing to the their teams.  Both sides started this game as they did in the semi – finals – Kors had a  solid start while Lidbury was slow to get away.  After 8 ends Kors had a 10 to 2 advantage.

From this stage the game changed.  The Lidbury quartet gradually had an impact on the scoreboard.  They won the next 7 ends and by the fifteenth end had hit the lead 11 to 10.  While they dominated this period they could not record a big score.  They scored a single shot on 5 of the ends and two shots on the other 2.

2023/24 Open Fours Runners Up – Peter Macdonald, Irene Macdonald, Bruce Lidbury and Denise Lidbury

The sixteenth end proved to one of two key ends in the final stages of the match.  Lidbury’s side had dominated the head and at one stage held 4 or 5 shots – just what they needed.  But as luck would have it a bowl from the Kors’ side was bumped into the head to give them the shot and allowed them to draw level at 11 all!

Lidbury won the 17th end by a single shot to give them a 12 – 11 lead.  The 18th end was the second key end.  Play had been very even until Kors bowled two excellent bowls to give his side the end by three shots and the lead 14 – 12.  While Denise Lidbury struck back with a great bowl on the 19th end she only managed to pick up a single shot and they still trailed by a shot.  All of the Kors side played well on the last two ends to steer their side to a hard fought victory 16 – 13!

Congratulations to both sides for their great efforts across the competition!

Exciting Start to Open Fours Club Championship

The 2023/24 Open Fours had a very exciting start with two excellent games.  One side got home with a single short margin while the other match was decided by three shots.  As well as being very close, the two games followed a very similar pattern.  In both games one side had the better start before their opponents climbed back into the match with a crucial big scoring end.  From this point both games were very close.  As the final ends approached the eventual winners had a very important end that was key to the final result.

Peter Macdonald, Di Fletcher, Denise Lidbury and Irene Macdonald had the better start in their game with Geoff Lee, Dennis Gallacher, Jonathan Green and Doug Williams.  By the sixth end they led 8 – 4.  The seventh end changed the game!  Williams picked up 7 shots and followed this up with shots on the next two ends to move to a 13 – 8 advantage.

Doug Williams and Jonathan Green fought hard in their game

Macdonald’s side steadied and won the next four ends to draw level on 13 all.  The lead fluctuated until team Macdonald took a major step to victory when they picked up 5 shots on the nineteenth end giving them a 21 – 17 lead.  Williams’ team fought back strongly winning both of the last two ends but didn’t manage to score enough shots to turn the result around.  Macdonald won the game 21 – 20.

Irene Macdonald led her side well

Jim Macklan, John Wagstaff, Sue Fahey and John Fahey had a good start against Mick Challice, Di Challice, Margaret Downey and Ray Downey and hard a strong 9 – 3 lead after nine ends.  However, Downey’s side managed to score 7 shots on the tenth end to get back into the game.  Fahey struck back to take the lead at 14 – 11 after twelve ends before Downey’s side won four ends in a row to move to a lead of 17 -14 after 16 ends.

John and Sue Fahey

The eighteenth end proved to be critical.  Fahey’s side combined well to dominate the head and when the skips crossed to play their bowls Fahey had 5 shots.  Fahey played safe with his first bowl but Downey was able to bowl a resting toucher to give his team the advantage.  Fahey then attacked the head and was able to move the jack so that his side had once again grabbed the shot.  Not to be outdone, Downey was again able to draw the shot and give his side some breathing space – there had been a 6 shot turn around in the end!

Di and Mick Challice played key bowls in the final ends

The last three ends were very tense as only 2 shots separated the teams.  This was one shot when Fahey scored a shot on the nineteenth end.  Downey’s side prevailed by winning the last two ends by a single shot to see them to a 20 – 17 victory.

Noel Downie Takes Out Consistency Singles Championship

Noel Downie has won yet another Club Championship when he took out the 2023/24 Consistency Singles final.  He went into the final against John Fahey as favourite as this format of bowls suits his game.  He has proven over many years that he is an excellent draw bowler who can consistency place his bowls close to the jack.

Noel Downie – 2023/24 Consistency Singles Champion

Fahey, who has been in great form in recent months, is at his best when he has the opportunity to play ‘on shots’ with the aim of moving the jack.  In this format there is no advantage to moving the jack as it is always moved back to its original position.  In recent months Fahey won the Mixed Pairs Championship and was a very close runner up in the triples.

The final of the Consistency Singles was played in ideal conditions both in terms of the weather and the state of the green.  Downie started well but Fahey clawed back an early deficit to be only 4 points of the pace at 42 – 38 after 8 ends.  Downie’s ability to have more of his bowls in the vicinity of the jack started to take its toll.  He managed to win six consecutive ends from the 12th end to set up a match winning lead of 107 – 63 after 17 ends.

John Fahey – Consistency Singles Runner Up

Downie continued to dominant the game though Fahey made him to play for 25 ends, before he finally closed the game out at 152 – 98!

It was great to see a good number of club members at the game to support both players!  Congratulations to Downie on an excellent display of draw bowling that enabled him to chalk up another Championship victory.  Well done to Fahey for making it to the final.

The next Championship event to be played is the Open Fours that starts on Saturday October 7.

Consistency Singles Quarter Finals Played

The quarter finals in the 2023/4 Consistency Singles have been completed.  This is a special version of bowls where the aim is to get as close as possible to the jack that does not move as an end is played.  If a player moves the jack it is replaced in it’s original position.  Points are awarded for the four closest bowls to the jack.  The closest receives 4 points, the second receives 3 points, the third 2 points and the fourth 1 point.  A total of 10 points is available each end with the winner of the game the first to 150 points.

Mick Challice and Ray Downey  played the closest of the matches that wasn’t decided until the last end.  Downey started well jumping out to a 29 – 11 lead after 4 ends.  Challice cut into the lead as the two players settled into a tight battle.  By the eleventh end Downey was still in front but his lead was just 6 points at 58 to 52.

Mick Challice showing his form in the Consistency Singles

He was able to extend this lead to 89 – 71 after 16 ends before Challice took over and by the twentieth end the scores were locked at 100 all.  The lead fluctuated over the next few ends but remained close.  Downey led 135 – 133 after 27 ends but Challice hit the front and with one end to play had a slender 146 to 144 lead,  It was anyone’s game with an end to go.  The players shared the spoils on this end with Challice winning the game 151 – 149!

Previous winner of this championship, Noel Downie, demonstrated that he will be hard to beat when he recorded a good victory over the in-form Marcel Kors.  Downie led from the start and managed to keep his lead despite Kors playing some excellent bowls. By the fifteenth end Downie led 80 – 70 and over the next passage of play either squared or won ten ends in a row.  This meant by the 25th end he was in front 146 to 104.  Kors had one last flurry when he took all 10 points on the next end but Downie rallied with 7 points on the 27th end to take the game 153 to 117.

Chris Coddington played John Wagstaff in a real battle of the specialist draw bowlers – one with plenty of past glory and one setting out to chase his chance for glory!  And it was the relatively new bowler who made the most of his chances in this match.  Coddington had a great start and by the seventh end lead 51 – 19.  While Wagstaff fought back every time he looked like really narrowing the margin, Coddington would again kick away.  In the end Coddington moved on to the semi-finals with a very good 151 – 109 victory.

In the final game John Fahey continued on with his recent good form in his game against Doug Williams.  He won or drew 9 of the first 11 ends though, in most, the scores were close – 2 ends were drawn and 6 were won by the score of 6 – 4.  At this stage Fahey led 68 – 42.  He then consolidated his position by winning or drawing 12 of the next 13 ends.  As a result he moved into the semi-finals with a 152 – 88 victory.

Triple Championships Decided

The 2023/24 Triples Championship has been decided after the playing of the semi-finals and final.  Chris Coddington, Col Fletcher and Marcel Kors are the new champions after they managed to hold on to take the final.

             Triples Champions 2023/4
Col Fletcher, Chris Coddington and Marcel Kors

To make the final Kors’ side had a close win over Geoff Lee, Alan McLeod and Doug Williams in their semi-final clash.  The early ends of the game were evenly contested with Williams just in front at 5 – 4 after 7 ends.  Kors gradually pulled ahead to have a 15 – 8 lead after 15 ends.  Williams then struck back and by the 19thend his side had moved to the front at 16 – 15.

Kors steadied and by the 23rd of 25 ends looked safe leading 23 – 17.  Not to be denied Williams picked up 4 shots on the second last end to trail 23 -21.  In a gripping final end Kors was able to seal the victory with a single shot to win 24 – 21.

Michael Challice, John Wagstaff and John Fahey played Noel Downie, Allan Etheredge and John Monks in the other semi-final.  Monks started well and lead 6 – 3 after 6 ends.  The next four ends proved crucial.  Fahey picked up 12 shots in this period to move to a strong 15 – 6 advantage.  Monks staged a mini comeback so that by the 12th end the score was 15 – 11.

The next period of play was very tight with 9 ends being decided by a single shot!  Fahey was able to consolidate his lead as his side won 6 of these ends.  Fahey’s side claimed a 26 -16 victory to book their position in the final.

The early part of the final between Kors and Fahey was made very difficult for the players as the wind picked up.  All players struggled with the conditions resulting in low scoring.  After 7 ends the scores were locked at 5 all.  At this point Kors started to dominant the game and looked in control as his side gradually built a good lead.  With just four ends to play they lead 21 – 12.

However, the final four ends provided a twist!  Fahey won the 22nd and 23rd ends to reduce the margin to 21 – 14.  The second last end was crucial. Fahey held one shot and also had several shots in the head.  Sticking to his approach, that had proved successful throughout the game, Kors played a positive shot in an effort to win the end only to be slightly off target and remove his closest bowl.  As a result Fahey picked up 4 shots and now had a real chance as his side trailed by just 3 at 21 – 18.


           2023/24 Triples Runners Up
John Fahey, John Wagstaff and Michael Challice

The last end was nerve wracking for the players as they strived for the win.  With the skips to play their final bowls it was anyone’s game.   Fahey scored two shots on the end to just fall shot of victory.  Kors took out the championship 21 – 20 after a hell of a fright!

Chris Coddington lead particularly well for the winners and set a good platform for his team.  Congratulations to the winners on their victory and to the runners up for their never say die attitude!

Sue and John Fahey Win Mixed Pairs Championship

Sue and John Fahey are the new Mixed Pairs Champions at Tuross Head Bowling Club after they won a very close, exciting final against Jonathan Green and Rose Farrington.  It is the first time that they have taken out this title despite performing well in previous years.

Mixed pairs Champions 2023/24 – Sue and John Fahey

The conditions for the match were perfect with the green in great condition and the weather warm and relatively calm.  Green and Farrington started well but by the seventh end the scores were even at 6 all as both teams settled into a very competitive battle.  The leads, Sue Fahey and Green, were having a great battle as they both strived to dominate the head.  By the fourteenth end Green and Farrington had a narrow 14 – 11 advantage.

Sue Fahey then took charge of the game.  Her great lead bowling allowed the Faheys to set up the biggest lead of the match.  It was in this part of the game that John Fahey also showed his class with some critical bowls.  By the nineteenth end they led 20 – 14.

Green and Farrington, however, were not finished.  On the twentieth end they played some great bowls to pick up 2 shots to narrow the gap to just four shots.  They also played some good bowls on the last end.  They forced the Faheys to defend their lead.  Despite Green and Farrington winning the end they just fell short with 3 shots to leave the final score in the Fahey’s favour 20 – 19.

Jonathan Green and Rose Farrington

Congratulations to both teams for reaching the final and playing a competitive, high quality game.  The final score was a true indication of the game with the Faheys narrowly being the better team on the day.



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